2022 In Review

2022 was another incredible and record breaking year for 81 & Sunny!  Year #4 in the books!  We were able to not only surpass several milestones from a numbers and financial standpoint, but we were also able to drastically advance our technological and data/reporting offerings along with witnessing massive personal growth within our incredible team!

Seeing our employees grow, be successful, and seemingly receive job satisfaction (most of the time) in return from the hard work they put in is by far one of the most rewarding aspects of owning and operating an agency.  Each team member took significant strides in their career growth, which inherently provided more value to the agency and to our clients overall. It is truly a beautiful thing to behold and Erin Wilder and Eric Wilder find themselves very fortunate to have such a dependable, hardworking, trustworthy, and passionate team!

Matt Cable will be entering his third year with 81 & Sunny this coming March and has been more than instrumental in scaling our operations by making us better each day with what we are able to provide to our clients from a technical and data perspective.  He has truely honed in on his craft and continues to improve his skill set while providing first class customer service day in and day out. He has become the backbone of what we do!

Alyssa Hanifan is hitting her 1 year mark this month and has been a wonderful addition to our team!  She has filled in gaps we were having a hard time filling prior to her arrival.  While we searched for the right skill set for Account Management and Support, Alyssa’s desk experienced quite a bit of turnover, but it is now a well oiled machine.  She continues to learn more and more at a fast rate, which is why more and more responsibility is being entrusted to her.  She is also able to provide value on the creative front, which is not a full service we offer, but her Graphic Design degree more than comes in handy!

Leighton Hendrick continues to be our dependable SEO industry expert, but that is not taken for granted.  The strategies, insights, and most importantly the results she provides from our SEO offering are second to none. She is continuously ahead of the game when it comes to things like SEO best practices, industry changes, and shifts in our clients competitive landscape. Leighton has been a part of the 81 & Sunny team pretty much from our founding and even stems back to some old corporate agency/client relationship days!  Our SEO service is vital to enhance our paid investment offering and always will be!

Brandon Dossantos officially joined our team in 2023 as our in house Technical Account Manager.  We had worked with Brandon on a project basis for a few years and after witnessing how forward thinking he is along with his technical savvy, we had to bring him aboard.  When it comes to platform integrations and campaign performance tracking/attribution in order to “close the loop” of attribution for our client’s digital investment, we have the best in game to do so!  We are lucky to have this resource on our team and no one else’s!

Investing into technological advancements was a key part of our growth and success as an agency in 2022. By investing into the Skai (formerly Kenshoo) SaaS platform, it has allowed us to offer even more value to our clients without passing along any additional tech fees. Overall, the partnership allows 81 & Sunny to stay at the forefront of new tools, upcoming feature-sets, emerging platform integrations with Skai, and recently released initiatives from the Publishers, while always delivering increased campaign transparency, performance and efficiencies for our clients

As we headed into 2023, we became an official agency partner of Skai for their trust in us as experts on the platform and can therefore service advertisers that do not meet the minimum investment thresholds required to partner with Skai directly.  This partnership with Skai then allows these advertisers to not be boxed out, but rather have the opportunity to receive…

  • Access to 81 & Sunny’s Skai license at no additional cost
  • Access to Skai technology to power digital investment programs + Expert Agency Experience
  • NO licensing fees
  • NO need to hire more support staff, which can become very expensive, very quickly

In closing, none of the 2022 goals and milestones (more details to come!) we achieved together were possible without the contributions of the individuals listed above.  We are proud of what we accomplished and are thankful for our client’s trust in us as a partner to improve and grow their businesses, no matter what their goals or size are.  We strive to provide as much value as possible to each partner and are very much looking forward to continuing to do so in 2023 and beyond!