Co-Founder, Erin Wilder: Special Guest Speaker at CallRail Roadshow

July 27th 2022–

Co-Founder, Erin Wilder, represented 81 & Sunny at CallRail’s Agency Roadshow in Tampa, Florida. Just in case you missed it, here are some of the highlights of how 81 & Sunny leverages third-party data sources, like CalRail, to give clients the most thorough data and tracking possible.

How does 81 & Sunny leverage CallRail data to build efficient omnichannel marketing campaigns for clients?

With CallRail, 81 & Sunny can assign Call attribution to each channel as a whole AND get the data sent back to each of the channels individually. For each client, we set up: Google, Facebook, BING, and Google Analytics for Call Tracking. We also highly recommend Form Tracking as well so we can then attribute sales / closed deals back to each channel. This takes our analysis of performance tracking to the next level by discerning lead quality and closed deal rates by channel.

Having these accurate data points in each channel allows us to tell the algorithms when we are driving success. This is a crucial part of our campaign success. Companies without these integrations are essentially just shooting in the dark.

How does using CallRail as a third-party data source help build trust with clients when it comes to campaign results?

Here are 81 & Sunny, we value building trusting partnerships with our clients.  For us, this means being honest with them about the accuracy of their data. Without CallRail we would need to rely on Google call tracking alone. Google just recently added the users phone number and recording, however, you cannot mark the call as qualified or add in revenue data. Having this incremental data to inform the algorithms will improve the success of the campaign, but without it, Google is only able to optimize to any and every phone call, which any business owner knows: Not all calls are created equal! That being said, it is really important to marry Google’s AI and the business’ real life data for the best outcomes. Furthermore, if the client is running any other campaigns, such as Facebook, BING, etc. those platforms don’t offer native Call Tracking, which can leave a huge hole in the data.

For example, we had a client that was not using CallRail and was live on Google, BING and Facebook. He had concerns that the leads coming from Facebook were not as high of quality as they were from Google, but Google’s CPL was much higher than Facebooks. The ONLY way we could eliminate his concern was to improve measurement. We pitched him CallRail with Form Tracking which allowed us to have direct knowledge of which calls or forms were coming from which channel.  We could then work the math from a CPL to a Cost per Install, and ultimately ROI by Channel. Doing this analysis helps us understand which channels we can invest more or less into and improve the client’s bottom line.

Having access to real-time marketing attribution data helps 81 & Sunny to optimize client campaigns and generate ROI no matter the economic uncertainty we have faced the past few years. With the ability to listen to the calls and use conversation intelligence, we can automatically look for trending terms that continuously come up in conversations. This leads to new ideas for new search terms or new campaign promotions. It helps us understand if the wrong people are calling and why, so we can then eliminate callers looking for irrelevant services/products. These capabilities allow us to create tailor made optimizations based on real data and allows our clients to trust fully in our marketing strategies.

Is your company looking for an agency that optimizes marketing strategies through real data? Find out how we can take your marketing to the next level!